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New technology allows us to provide you with an LCD display that is at least 5 times brighter than the displays currently seen in auto DVD players.  This means it won't wash out in direct sunlight!  

It is also large enough to provide a high resolution picture, without forcing your eyes to refocus from your constant scanning.

Our mounting schemes, allow you a choice of mounting directly in front or slightly to the side, with any of our handlebar mounts. 

You now can reposition your current mirrors to widen your view and see much more of your riding environment without distraction.

Additionally, our camera design provides several ways to be mounted: hiding it inside your sissy pad, inside hard or soft saddlebags, mount it to the rear light bar or frame, or anyplace.

The best part is that this camera provides wonderful color pictures during the day, and automatically switches from color to low light black & white pictures whenever it gets dark.  In fact it sees better than you at night.   It also eliminates the glare from car lights.  The motorcyclist can see where the cars are at night, in spite of the glare of oncoming lights.

We have provided below,  pictures taken from a video that we attached to one camera system.  These pictures show similar scenes in the day and then at night.

Day view
Click to enlarge view
Night view
Night turns into day
Glare is minimized either day or night

This provides the motorcyclist with improved safety.

New riders are provided with a viewing system familiar and similar to automobiles.

This increases their view, and knowledge of what's  happening around them.


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